Saturday, March 14, 2009

What a freakin' little bitch!

Well the other day I got up from yet another unsatisfying night of sleep and pick up my Blackberry and see that overnight I had a Facebook notification from an old friend from childhood... he lived down the street from me and we played off and on during the summers and what not... what I remember best was his incredible ability at a young age to play the piano... we'll call him Andy... mainly because that's his name.

Anyway so Andy and I were never best friends but we were friends growing up he was a year younger and had an overbearing mother that was afraid he was gonna break something all the time... but as we grew older as with any other childhood friendship we grew apart as we began "finding ourselves." Eventually we lost touch after high school... the last I heard of him at all was from the rumors you hear at the local bar where all the losers from high school who never made anything of themselves and live with their parents until they either died or they got kicked out and just hung out in our home town making fun of those of us who left to live our lives... what ever...any way the last I heard of Andy was that he was going to Yale and got kicked out for something... was it true?... who the hell knows or cares.

So I became a Facebooker and after a while you end up finding everyone you ever knew and some you wish you never did know... and I found Andy.

So as you may or may not know this blog gets fed to Facebook and my friends have access to read this blog and make comments just as you do here on Blogger... very rarely do I get comments from outside my blogging buddies and usually they just agree with me... whether they are agreeing to avoid an argument or discussion or whether they actually agree I really don't care which. But I have lost some old friends on my Facebook list because of my comments and my inability to not speak my mind at any given moment... most just disappear and it takes me a while to notice they are gone..what's that tell you?? But Andy was different...oh how he is different... he was just a down right bitch about it... what a fucking queen.

Now if you refer back to my very first blog I stated, "go ahead post your comments I welcome them, but make sure you own up to them ( I despise cowards)... and please do not spew garbage about things you think you know a lot about or quote the fucking bible... make your comments and make them intelligently."

Keep that in mind as I tell you what went down here... So as I said I got up and saw there was a comment on my "note" from Andy sent at 5:36am... read the blog post here... all it said was "Thanks Dumbass...buh-bye."

In my sleepy stupor I was like.."what the fuck does that mean?"... I went and took a piss and made some coffee and after the kids were off to school I revisited it and decided to investigate.

The first thing I noticed was that his name wasn't highlighted as it normally is so I went looking and behold he is no longer on my friends list.... that alone pissed me off... this fucking prick made a drive-by comment and then bolted so I couldn't mount my rebuttal and actually have a discussion... I despise cowards!

So I then went to go look at the imported note in Facebook to verify the comment was there and to my amazement.... it was not there!! The mother-fucking-cowardice-prick-cum-guzzling-queen deleted the fucking comment so no one knows he said that... that completely set me off... I immediately called my brother Adam to tell him what this faggot did... he laughed..probably because he knew a blog posting was coming out of it.

So this is my rebuttal to Andy's comment...

Would you care to elaborate? Or are you too much of a coward to take a stand... you obviously voted for Obama and now you are ashamed that you did... by the way.... the latest polls are out and Obama's approval rating is LOWER than W's was at the same time in his first term.... where's the change?? Where's the hope??? I understand you work for the United Nations [read: United Pussies who owe a lot of money to the US] so I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from you.. the UN is nothing but a bunch of little babies who sit in a fancy building and do absolutely nothing and are a laughing stock to the entire world... they demonstrate the proverbial slap your hand and run away technique to the bullies of the world... so go fuck yourself in your piano playing ass at the UN with a useless "Ambassador." When you are ready to be a man and actually start an open discussion on my blog come find me... but you better be ready to own up to your cowardice because it will be the first thing I attack!

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  1. Ironically, he probably got hit by a bus just moments after making the said comment, and will never get to read this.