Friday, January 30, 2009

Blago The Destroyer....

... Of everything that is wholesome and pure in Illinois and the U-S-of-A.

Wow!! Have you been watching this crap unfold in Illinois?!?!? I can't believe half of it actually happened... I mean this is supposed to be America.... the great experiment, granted you would think that in the past 233 years we would have figured out a few things... like how to get rid of a crooked leader be it local, state or federal... where are the Free Masons when we need them?! Damn, I'd love to become a 33rd Degree Mason just so I can do stuff like remove someone from office with out a media or public spectacle.... but alas I am agnostic so they won't take me.... maybe I should form my own secret society... hmm.... that's a thought.

Ok back to the events of the past month or so. So in case you've been living under a rock or in a cave or on a different planet or even in another country that doesn't pay attention to the U.S.... lol yeah right I forgot the whole world blames America for their problems so they all watch... Rod Blagojevich, the now former Governor of Illinois, has been impeached and removed from office.

What does this mean???

In itself to most of us not a damn thing.... To the people of Illinois??? Not a damn thing... To the country??? Not a damn thing.... to the world???? Not a damn thing.

So why are we seeing it on the television between the preaching of the financial apocalypse from our president (Messiah to others... FOOLS!) who started this whole mess....

Damn you Obama!!!! Damn You!!!! (you gotta scream it like the late great Charlton Heston would have).

We are seeing it because we want to see it... television networks do not put a single thing on television because it is good information or something we need to know... nope everything is on for pure entertainment value. Americans need that and you are guilty of it right now by reading this blog... you don't need to know what I am want to know what I'm gonna say next... will I curse...will I insult??

Anyway... I really wanted to discuss what a disgrace Rod Blagojevich is to all Americans and our democracy and how he made a complete mockery of the whole state of Illinois and more importantly the people of that state... but I also want to point out that the the majority of the people of that state are just down right stupid.

So the Illinois State House voted on Jan. 9 to impeach Roddy boy there after he was arrested on federal charges of trying to sell Obama's vacant senate seat... the first Governor if Illinois to ever be impeached... great as if the impeachment wasn't enough. So how do you think a person should act after that??? Maybe just keep quiet?? Or maybe just wait for the impeachment trial and testify? That's what a normal self respecting politician would do.. hell look at "Slick Willy" Clinton.. he was impeached... he just waited for the trial... and then committed a felony... but he still stayed in office!

Well Roddy thought different... after they announced why they impeached him... Blago seemed to go to another dimension and gave these ridiculous press conferences that were always late and talked about things that had absolutely no relevance to anything in the world and I think he may have been having a psychotic episode with his use of those poor people he marched on stage.

Once the trial started he went on a "media blitz" after hiring a PR firm... wouldn't a lawyer have been more productive? HA HA HA oh yeah his lawyers dropped him. So while the state legislators are doing their job he is having one last vacation paid for by the people of Illinois.. Rod, say thank you to all the Illinois morons!

His main argument was that he wasn't getting a fair trial for this impeachment... wouldn't that argument be better made in court or at the damn trial?!?! Why the world wide public opinion?!? What was the point?!?! Oh yeah.. by avoiding this "kangaroo court" he wouldn't have to testify under oath and deny all of these charges and purger himself... I don't think the Illinois Senate would have been as nice to him since he isn't the President

So it comes down to this... Blago is really just an example of what is wrong with this country right now. We are in an "economic meltdown" which is causing the end of the world and Obama is our Anti-Christ and most of the news coverage is on Blago... do we need the escape from reality? No its just more interesting than watching Obama go back on his campaign promises one by one... plus the media is trying to hide that from you, the mindless sheep that voted for the moron.

So back to Illinois.... let's see what historically has come from that state...

• President Abraham Lincoln - Arguably the most important President of all time.
• Jack Benny - One of the greatest comedians that has ever lived.
• Walt Disney - One of the greatest animators and once they bring him back to life from his frozen state will be the ruler of the new one government universe!
• Al Capone - The biggest criminal of all time
• George Ryan - Blago's predecessor who is currently serving a 61/2 year sentence for corruption
• Oprah Winfrey - Media Conglomerate & Obama the Anti-Christ's minion
• Barack Obama - The "say anything to get elected" presidential candidate and the MLK speech rip off artist, Anti-Christ and President of the USA.

Do you see the pattern?? Illinois also has a history of being one of the most corrupt states in the union... so that brings us to the ones who put these moronic officials in power.

Lets start with Roddy Blago... look at him.. his looks along should have cost him most of the popular vote... I mean the hair.. what is up with that damn hair?? I can't say it better that my brother Keith, "I mean who puts Rogaine on their forehead?!" (Oh yeah he currently lives in Chicago and I blame him every day for the Obama fiasco... along with any of you that voted for him.) Then listen to him talk he is clearly an absolute idiot and has no concept of life around him outside his little pretend world he has with his blow up dolls in his garage. He would have better served the people making porn or cooking Chinese food. What were you people thinking?!?!?

Now Obama... now in all fairness we can't blame his lighting fast rise to power on the idiot people of Illinois... for that we need to blame Democrats in the US Congress... but we can blame them for making him the community organizer, that obviously is perfect training for President, and for electing him to the US Senate... oh yeah... by the way.. he never finished his first term!

Now all that said I am asking for an apology... Strike that.... I DEMAND an apology!

I want an apology from every single person from Illinois that has ever voted for Obama and/or Blagojevich... You have given birth to some of the biggest bullshitters and dirty politicians this country has ever seen and wasted my time with empty promises and off the wall press conferences that makes the rest of the country look like bumbling morons who don't know their ass from a hole in the wall... that's right... we look like the damn British!!!

Come on admit it.. you are all now wanting your vote for Obama back... where is his inspiration now?? Where are his screaming fans??? That's right gone... now he is preaching doom and gloom and now during his administration we are seeing layoffs day after day after day and the economy get worse and worse... right when we need some hope... you can't blame Bush anymore... he's relaxing in Dallas.. nope gotta blame your Dumbo-Eared - Kenyan - American that is there now... where is the hope?? Where is the change??? The only change I'm seeing is the curtains in the White House and his rhetoric.

The only way to change is to change things ourselves and sit and wait for someone to do it for us!!!

Get to it!!

Oh yeah and for all of you calling me a grumpy old man... fuck off and say it to my face.. if you agree with me say so.. if not say so... but don't go running to a Facebook page or call someone I know and saying.. gee.. Steve... Master of the Universe is a grumpy old man.... and is scary. I'm not grumpy... in fact I am quite upbeat and down right fun.. I just see the world for what it is... my rose colored glasses broke and thank the maker that they did... I am no longer a sheep like you!!!

Sorry for this crazy long rant... I got a little carried away.

PS - If you are reading this on Facebook.. please realize that this note is being imported from my blog entitled - "All My Friends Are Make Believe"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are You Kidding Me!?!? Who The Fuck Is In Charge!?

I just came back inside from snow blowing the fucking driveway... FOR THE THIRD FUCKING TIME TODAY!!! I guess it could be worse I could have been shoveling the snow... a big thank you to my neighbor across the street for dropping off his snow blower this morning!

As I was blowing snow (you sicko!) I had some time to think about the events that took place here in lovely CLE (that's Cleveland, Ohio if you are stupid and don't know airport codes).

As many of you have heard there was what is called a "pan handle hook" that blew through here and has been dumping snow on much of the Midwest for the past 24 hours. Here in Cleveland, just 2 minutes south of downtown I got about 11 inches of snow or maybe more... its hard to keep track and with the blowing snow it's any one's guess.

So I went to bed very early last nite with a migraine and knowing that I was going to wake up to a shit load of snow. I woke up at about 5 am this morning... an hour earlier than usual to monitor the snow and to get on my BlackBerry and television to monitor the school closings, (my children got fucked out of a few snow days over the James Earl Ray Day weekend) so I would know if I had to make lunches and get the kids up or if I can let them sleep in and enjoy the day off. Here's how it went...

5 AM - Wake up - Stumble downstairs... my wife is on the couch watching her recorded shows on the DVR as she was up most of the night studying for school...something about bones and shit...don't ask.

5:15 AM - Make coffee only to realize I fucking ran out yesterday and forget to get more...FUCK ME!!!! Hello caffeine withdrawal headache!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

5:17 AM - Grab the Blackberry and hit the local news stations' websites for the school closings since I haven't received the school is canceled text from them yet.

5:18 AM - What The Fuck!!! Every school is closed but my children's school?!? I look outside... oh no wonder its not that inch or so.. no big deal.

5:30 AM - My wife is done with her show and I turn on the morning local news and what do I see?? Live reports on the storm and it is horrible outside.. uh ok not here?!

6:00 AM - Still no call off... time to make lunches and get the kids' uniforms ready

6:15 AM - Lunches done. Still no call off.

6:30 AM - Still no call off... What The Fuck... Every One is off.. where is my children's school on the list?!?!?!

6:45 AM - Time to get the kids up for school as I am walking up the stairs I look one last time on my Blackberry... Finally!!! No School... premature awaking avoided.

7:00 AM - Go outside to start shoveling the driveway.

So I step out side after donning the proper clothing and the snow is up to my mid calf... WOW I guess it is bad.

So I begin shoveling and notice my neighbor across the street, who I am very good friends with, is snow blowing his driveway... as I toss the snow one shovel at a time I look across the street longing for him to bring that thing over here and he did!

So I come back inside a short time later and look at the school closings again just to see who else is off.... wow pretty bad...every one is off... wait a minute... where is Cleveland Public Schools? Wow must have missed it.. let me check the websites... nope not there... You Have Got To Be Kidding ME!?

Now I am lucky that I do not have to send my children to Cleve. Public Schools as it is quite possibly the very worst school district in the world... ever hear of the voucher program? It went all the way to the supreme court! It is a lottery that if you win you can choose to send your child to any private school within city limits... for either free or reduced tuition... boy I sure wish we had won..anyway. If your city has the voucher program you can thank Cleve. Public schools for being so horrible as it was started here in Cleveland!

So living in CLE not only are the schools shitty but so is the local government and most of all... the service department, more specifically the snow removal department.

At the beginning of this winter season the city was out bragging that this year the snow plowing will be bigger and better and they will get the side streets plowed faster (last year after the huge March storm we didn't get plowed for a week and then when they finally came the plow got stuck.)

But we all knew better.. so the days before James Earl Ray Day we got a little snow storm.. about 6 inches or so.. enough to call off school as the temps were dipping below 0 degrees... but alas not CLE Public Schools... so there is a shit load of snow so the poor kids walking to school have to walk on the dangerous snow covered streets as none of the side walks are passable... one kid is riding his bike to school and a Cleveland School Bus hits him and just keeps going... luckily someone saw him and got him help but still almost died... after 24 hours they figured out which bus driver it was and charged them with multiple felonies. Guess what?! Yup it was a fucking broad driving the bus!

So that should have been a lesson to the administrators of the school district..right? It's better to miss a day of school than risk your students' lives...right??? Fuck That! Rumor has it that the head of the district gets a cash bonus if they do not use their calamity days!! "Fuck the kids I's wants a get paid to support my crack habit!!" Fucking nigger ass jackass fuck!

So today... the poor kids that attend Cleveland Public Schools are all over the news this morning trudging to school in the snow up to their knees in the street and my kids are tucked in warmly in their beds dreaming of quantum mechanics!

Oh no it doesn't end there... parents are pissed and raising hell and the snow fall gets heavier and heavier and it is piling up higher and higher and the roads are now far worse than they were this morning... what do they do???


Are you fucking kidding me?? Who the Fuck Is Running This Place?!

So let me get this straight... now that it is worse you want these kids' parents (many of who are already at work mind you) to go out and get their kids and send the kids who walk back out to walk home in traffic?!

Now how fucking irresponsible is that?! As I said.. I am lucky that I do not have to send my kids to Cleveland Public Schools!

With that over now I sit and wait.... and wait... and wait for a snow plow to clear my street. The snow has ended for now but another system will push through tomorrow and dump another inch or two and we will get buried even deeper.. but alas we still wait.

Their excuse is... we need to clear the main streets first... fine... do it.. clear them... and hurry the fuck up you lazy fucking bastards!

My wife ventures out to the store for coffee and the ingredients to make soup (it is definitely a soup day... baked potato soup it is!) and she reports in.. all surrounding communities have clear roads! I ask, "How is CLE?" She replies, "SHITTY... not a plow in site and it doesn't look like the main streets have been touched!"

This is 12 hours after the snow started... WHAT THE FUCK...this is what happens when you unionize a city! The city works don't give a flying fuck! In fact last year one of my neighbors who is a Cleveland Firefighter had the fire department use their official plow do his driveway... they plowed it right up my fucking driveway as I stood there trying to comprehend what happened... and then they pointed and laughed at me.. yeah I want them rescuing me... douche bags. We actually called the fire department to complain... they tell my wife that they do not even own a snow plow truck.. WHAT??? It clearly said Cleveland Fire on the fucking side... this is why I hate people!!

So today I snow blowed the end of his driveway in from the snow from the street.. fuck you ass fuck!!!

So where does this leave us? Well besides wanting to move south... no where... I am still basically snowed in as it is a feat in itself to get off my street right now.

I may have to go snow blow again here soon and I fucking smell! I need a damn shower! I smell like some fucking low class white trash hooker's pussy right now! Why is it that when you got outside in the winter to shovel snow you sweat more than you do in the summer running 15 miles and you also end up smelling worse... is it the extra clothes??? My God!


Hope you're warm... I'm not!!!

PeAcE OuT!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Would you like fries with that Mas'a?

Let me start by saying I am a history buff and I love anything that has to do with history in general but specifically American History. At any given time you will most likely find a television in my house with the History Channel on or any other related channel like any of the 800 Discovery Channels or National Geographic Channel.

I am also an avid follower of current events.. most recently Barack Obama (I just don't like the mother fucker)... as I do recognize that it is historical that he is our 44th President just as George Washington was our 1st and Millard Fillmore was our 13th. I do not get all excited that people call him our first black president as this is only partially true and here is why.

Anyone that lived in the 90s can tell you that our first black president was William Jefferson Clinton *sarcasm*. The other reason is that when I think of some one as Black or African American I do not think of someone who's skin is dark. What I think of as a black person or an African American person is a descendant of a freed slave from the western African coast that was brought here to work against their will in the cotton and tobacco fields that were the back bone of our young country's economy. I am not condoning slavery by any means... I am very much against it.. but that is what should be considered an African American... not the color of his skin.

Barack Obama is not a black man by that criteria.. in fact according so a genealogical researcher he may actually be a descendant of a slave owner... yes.. a slave owner... in which case it is no more historical than the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson or any other of our early presidents. So anyway... this is not my point.

The point is...

Last night I set my DVR to record "On Board Air Force One" as I love American History like I said and nothing is more powerful to me than symbols, icons and tradition and Air Force One is exactly that.

So I watched the playback from my DVR about an hour after it aired (I had to get my kids in bed for school) and I was completely engrossed in it... I had no idea that on 9/11/01 that two F-16s that were dispatched to escort Air Force One back to Washington D.C. actually had to ask Air Force One to slow down because they were burning too much fuel catching up as it was going almost at the speed of sound! Let me repeat that... Air Force One was fling at nearly the speed of sound!!!!!

So the show goes on to highlight the cool things about that plane that isn't classified and it comes to the end where they show the tradition of the Co-Pilot becoming the Pilot when we get a new President. With that they then explain that the new pilot's first mission is to go pick up then President Elect Obama in Chicago, IL and bring him to Washington D.C. for his inauguration... hence Barack Obama's first time on the President's plane... (it is only Air Force One when the President is on board).

So he meets the new pilot and said he looks like Sam Sheppard from the "Right Stuff"... what the fuck is this moron saying??? Sam Sheppard?? Here.. Judge for yourself!

I just don't see it!

So on to the next dip shit move by Barack "Fuck Stick" Obama.

He meets the head steward... this guy is the President's personal man servant if you will... he makes sure the President gets everything he needs and is comfortable on his plane.

As you saw in the video he takes his coat and offers him a meal and shows him the menu. "Dip Shit" orders a fucking Medium-Well Cheeseburger, Salad and Fries... WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?

Your fucking first flight on Air Force One and you order a fucking Cheeseburger?!?!?! Was the line at the local McDonald's was too long???? And that's not even the half of it.... he orders a salad with that burger... WHO THE FUCK EATS A SALAD WITH A BURGER!?!?! Does that neutralize the cholesterol in that greasy Air Force One Burger?!?! What ever douche bag!

Now you are saying but he was nervous about the first flight... are you fucking kidding me??? This guy just spent 2 years speaking to millions of people at a time campaigning for President and he's nervous about meeting the crew of Air Force One who are now his employees? Fuck that!

Yeah... wanna know what I would have done?

I would have walked up those stairs.. high fived the fucking pilot and said "What up yo! You ready to take this bitch up and do some mother fucking loops and shit?!"

Then I go and meet my new man slave... who happens to be black and yes probably black by the proper definition... he takes my coat and says here's our menu would you like something??

I look it over.. all that's on there is a Burger, Chicken Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich and a Cow Tongue Sandwich. I look at him and say, "I'd like the Fillet Mignon Rare stuffed with Goat Cheese and topped with some haystack onions with buttered Fingerling Potatoes and Peas."

The man servant says, "But Mas'a we don't gots no steak on the motha fuckin' menu!"

I say back, "Look you mother fucker...I'm your new fucking boss and the most powerful man in the world and this is a special time for me as this is my very first time on Air Force Fucking One and I want to celebrate it with a fucking nice God Damned dinner so fuck you and your menu and get me my motha fuckin' steak if you still want that nice hefty paycheck that is no doubt paying for your 16 kids from 16 different crack whores!"

After that he brings me the Cow Tongue sandwich and I promptly kick his stupid black ass and make him ride to DC in the baggage compartment! That'll learn that man servant fuck not to fuck with the President of The United States of Mother Fucking America!!!

So what did Barack's behavior show us as a nation on his first ride on Air Force One??

Well besides the fact that he is stupid fucking idiot... it showed me that he is a fraud!

Take away his crowds of millions all screaming "Go Bama" (why they all kept on cheering for The University of Alabama I'll never know... must have been a black thing), and take away his speech writers, and his podium, his smug look and his bullshit message of change and he is nothing but a stupid half white American that stumbles over his words like George W. Bush!

If you want to make fun of W for saying the wrong things and getting his words mixed up, go ahead just make sure you make fun of Barack for failing at being witty and looking like a fucking idiot.

You heard it here first folks... Barack Obama is a fraud and he will prove it over these next 4 years!!!! He's already started.. just turn on the news.. in a few months our taxes will be going up.. just watch!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome and Fuck You Very Much!

Did that get your attention?? Well good... it was supposed to.

So by now you probably have read the about the author section looked at my picture and said... "What a douche bag." Its OK admit it... I won't be mad... I get it all the time... even from my wife.

What is this blog about is your next question.. here's the answer.

This blog actually started on my Facebook account... from time to time I put something outrageous in my status box and it pisses people off... I have actually had people that I have known for 20 years drop me as a friend because of it and that is fine... I have my few close friends and that is all I really need anyway.

But I digress... After the last round of pissing people off on Facebook a few days ago (one of which was an ex-girl friend of mine who is "scared and frankly its upsetting to her who I've become"... yeah she has no idea who I am or what I stand for but that's a future blog in itself) I realized that I can blog about this crap and go on and on and maybe even spark a few discussions that actually mean something instead of just excepting what you hear in the news as fact. So with some encouragement from my blogging brother Adam (who incidentally is addicted to blogs) I started this blog.

This blog is a social commentary on life around me and how I see it... some of you will disagree.. fuck that... most of you will disagree... you might actually get pissed off and call me racist or a hater... that's fine go ahead... just goes to show you don't know me and therefore you don't matter. The true fact is I'm probably blogging about you and I already hate you.

For the rest of you, you will probably laugh your ass off and find truths in what I write... of course I will take everything to the extreme to make my point and if you don't see my point... to fucking bad...use your god damned brain.

Oh Yeah did I mention there will be some fucking profanity?! If that offends you too bad!!!

Now with all that said the main purpose of my writing is to make you think.. think about yourself, your way of life, your friends, family, job, political views, environment and the entire world around you. I realized many years ago that the world is mean and cruel and people suck... but there are people who don't suck... I have yet to find them but I hear they are out there.

The topics I will write about will be vast, everything from politics to the art of taking a shit... wait isn't that the same thing?! Hardy Har Har.

In all honesty I will write about anything that comes to mind and I will always shoot from the hip... some times my views will be honest, other times they will not... if you know me you'll know which is which and if you don't know me... there is probably a reason for it.

I will now offer you this disclaimer: The views in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of the author. If you find this blog offensive too fucking bad... quit reading. The author is not racist towards blacks, Jews, gays, women, Muslims, catholics, yellow people, red people...etc. but is an equal opportunity racist... basically he hates everyone who is not him! The author doesn't have time for your bullshit.

Now I will clarify a few things before I get to writing... I will say nigger, fag, kike, gook, dyke and any other racial slang I can come up with.. it does not mean I am racist but you have to understand that there is a difference between a black person and a nigger or a Jewish person and a kike... if you don't see the difference fuck you and you are stupid and because of that I will give you one example and that is you go:

A man who has a full time job any where who happens to be of African decent that speaks clearly and can form a complete sentence without saying "know what I'm saying" and dresses professionally is a Black Person.

Let me know if I am going too fast for you.

A man who has 2 or more children from several different women and has never been married to any of them, smokes crack or blunts, has no job and depends on welfare and has no plan to get off of welfare and happens to be black is a Nigger.

Got it?! Good!

So as time goes by things will get heated when I hit on a very sensitive subject like my hatred for Barrack Obama and many of you will get pissed off and feel the need to call me names and prove me wrong.. that's fine.. go ahead post your comments I welcome them, but make sure you own up to them ( I despise cowards)... and please do not spew garbage about things you think you know a lot about or quote the fucking bible... make your comments and make them intelligently.

But remember this: I only have 2 rules in life.
Rule Number 1:
Steve is NEVER wrong.
Rule Number 2:
If Steve is ever wrong evoke Rule Number 1.

Everything here is an opinion whether it is mine or not is not important but I do not need to defend myself to you or anyone else and if you don't like what is written...don't read... it is a free country and I have the right to free speech and you have the right to fuck yourself in the ass with an eggplant. I will say things to see how far you can be pushed before you are offended and then I will make fun of you for being offended... but I can defend my positions.. can you?!

So I hope you enjoy my tangents and I hope it makes you think... without your ability to think for yourself you are no better than the next guy and you might as well be dead... don't be a sheep.