Monday, January 26, 2009

Would you like fries with that Mas'a?

Let me start by saying I am a history buff and I love anything that has to do with history in general but specifically American History. At any given time you will most likely find a television in my house with the History Channel on or any other related channel like any of the 800 Discovery Channels or National Geographic Channel.

I am also an avid follower of current events.. most recently Barack Obama (I just don't like the mother fucker)... as I do recognize that it is historical that he is our 44th President just as George Washington was our 1st and Millard Fillmore was our 13th. I do not get all excited that people call him our first black president as this is only partially true and here is why.

Anyone that lived in the 90s can tell you that our first black president was William Jefferson Clinton *sarcasm*. The other reason is that when I think of some one as Black or African American I do not think of someone who's skin is dark. What I think of as a black person or an African American person is a descendant of a freed slave from the western African coast that was brought here to work against their will in the cotton and tobacco fields that were the back bone of our young country's economy. I am not condoning slavery by any means... I am very much against it.. but that is what should be considered an African American... not the color of his skin.

Barack Obama is not a black man by that criteria.. in fact according so a genealogical researcher he may actually be a descendant of a slave owner... yes.. a slave owner... in which case it is no more historical than the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson or any other of our early presidents. So anyway... this is not my point.

The point is...

Last night I set my DVR to record "On Board Air Force One" as I love American History like I said and nothing is more powerful to me than symbols, icons and tradition and Air Force One is exactly that.

So I watched the playback from my DVR about an hour after it aired (I had to get my kids in bed for school) and I was completely engrossed in it... I had no idea that on 9/11/01 that two F-16s that were dispatched to escort Air Force One back to Washington D.C. actually had to ask Air Force One to slow down because they were burning too much fuel catching up as it was going almost at the speed of sound! Let me repeat that... Air Force One was fling at nearly the speed of sound!!!!!

So the show goes on to highlight the cool things about that plane that isn't classified and it comes to the end where they show the tradition of the Co-Pilot becoming the Pilot when we get a new President. With that they then explain that the new pilot's first mission is to go pick up then President Elect Obama in Chicago, IL and bring him to Washington D.C. for his inauguration... hence Barack Obama's first time on the President's plane... (it is only Air Force One when the President is on board).

So he meets the new pilot and said he looks like Sam Sheppard from the "Right Stuff"... what the fuck is this moron saying??? Sam Sheppard?? Here.. Judge for yourself!

I just don't see it!

So on to the next dip shit move by Barack "Fuck Stick" Obama.

He meets the head steward... this guy is the President's personal man servant if you will... he makes sure the President gets everything he needs and is comfortable on his plane.

As you saw in the video he takes his coat and offers him a meal and shows him the menu. "Dip Shit" orders a fucking Medium-Well Cheeseburger, Salad and Fries... WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?

Your fucking first flight on Air Force One and you order a fucking Cheeseburger?!?!?! Was the line at the local McDonald's was too long???? And that's not even the half of it.... he orders a salad with that burger... WHO THE FUCK EATS A SALAD WITH A BURGER!?!?! Does that neutralize the cholesterol in that greasy Air Force One Burger?!?! What ever douche bag!

Now you are saying but he was nervous about the first flight... are you fucking kidding me??? This guy just spent 2 years speaking to millions of people at a time campaigning for President and he's nervous about meeting the crew of Air Force One who are now his employees? Fuck that!

Yeah... wanna know what I would have done?

I would have walked up those stairs.. high fived the fucking pilot and said "What up yo! You ready to take this bitch up and do some mother fucking loops and shit?!"

Then I go and meet my new man slave... who happens to be black and yes probably black by the proper definition... he takes my coat and says here's our menu would you like something??

I look it over.. all that's on there is a Burger, Chicken Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich and a Cow Tongue Sandwich. I look at him and say, "I'd like the Fillet Mignon Rare stuffed with Goat Cheese and topped with some haystack onions with buttered Fingerling Potatoes and Peas."

The man servant says, "But Mas'a we don't gots no steak on the motha fuckin' menu!"

I say back, "Look you mother fucker...I'm your new fucking boss and the most powerful man in the world and this is a special time for me as this is my very first time on Air Force Fucking One and I want to celebrate it with a fucking nice God Damned dinner so fuck you and your menu and get me my motha fuckin' steak if you still want that nice hefty paycheck that is no doubt paying for your 16 kids from 16 different crack whores!"

After that he brings me the Cow Tongue sandwich and I promptly kick his stupid black ass and make him ride to DC in the baggage compartment! That'll learn that man servant fuck not to fuck with the President of The United States of Mother Fucking America!!!

So what did Barack's behavior show us as a nation on his first ride on Air Force One??

Well besides the fact that he is stupid fucking idiot... it showed me that he is a fraud!

Take away his crowds of millions all screaming "Go Bama" (why they all kept on cheering for The University of Alabama I'll never know... must have been a black thing), and take away his speech writers, and his podium, his smug look and his bullshit message of change and he is nothing but a stupid half white American that stumbles over his words like George W. Bush!

If you want to make fun of W for saying the wrong things and getting his words mixed up, go ahead just make sure you make fun of Barack for failing at being witty and looking like a fucking idiot.

You heard it here first folks... Barack Obama is a fraud and he will prove it over these next 4 years!!!! He's already started.. just turn on the news.. in a few months our taxes will be going up.. just watch!

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  1. i did know about the f-16 chase planes. they were mentioned in a 60 minutes II interview with Scott Pelley on September 11, 2002.

    Interesting interview and it is driving me nuts that I cannot find the damn video anywhere!

    there is a story about it here,