Friday, May 29, 2009

A CAVS win means nothing

Well its been a while since I last spewed bullshit on this blog and I thought this topic was as good as any to spew once again.

As you know I live in Cleveland, Ohio... yeah we heard it all... the mistake by the lake...blah blah blah... fuck you.

In Cleveland we have a bigger issue besides the economy or the idiot people that run the city... its our sports teams.. we can't win a fucking championship to save our lives... we can get inches from it but still every Cleveland team that has gotten close to a championship since 1964 has choked... and once again we are seeing it again.

I will be honest I hate basketball.. it is useless and stupid and it has become ghetto and no one cares but the crack dealers... all of the players set bad examples for our kids and I think its bullshit.

Anyway back to the point... so the CAVS have made it to the playoffs with the punk ass idiot names LeBron James who seems to think he is the next messiah... he's an idiot.. oh yeah and if you believe the bullshit about him coming from nothing..ha ha ha don't believe it... he's not ghetto he's not gansta... he's just another black guy that can play basketball but yeah he came from some money... so lets dispel that bullshit rumor right now.

So the CAVS ran right through the first 2 rounds of the play offs... and around town... I look around and there are very few people aside from the Gansta Blacks that actually give a shit... if the Browns or the Indians were doing this you would see signs every where...people would be happy... but with the Cavs... no one really cares.

Now the Cavs made it to the final round of the playoffs before going to the big dance and guess what... yup they are choking... on the verge of elimination... I just sit and laugh...that's all we can do in Cleveland... don't get me wrong.. I would like the Cavs to win everything despite my hatred for that moronic ghetto sport... its great for Cleveland and the town deserves some type of major championship but honestly who the fuck cares... this town is a Football town first and baseball town 2nd... basketball only matters in Hough or on Kinsman... so put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Then again maybe the lack of caring is because we are all conditioned in Cleveland to expect failure... all of our teams have failed us time and time again.. our local elected officials have failed us time and time again and our elected federal officials have failed us time and time again... I am convinced.... 90% of Clevelanders are fucking stupid... and yes I mean you!

We are all losers!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Throwing Quarters' Podcast #5!

Hey just a quick post to all you suckers that read my blog... I hooked up with Adam at I don't give 2 cents, I throw quarters for his latest podcast which he posted lastnite... we featured the music of DOT DOT DOT so at least that rocks... its pretty much brain vomit but not as bad as Twitter. I have the podcast embedded here but also go check out his blog anyway.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm gonna move to Somalia and become a Pirate... But I'm gonna teach them how to act like pirates like say AAARGH & that you leave Americans the fuck alone! I'll also bring along Calicolyst and his kick ass Lego AEGIS Cruiser for protection.

Any way.. like many people I know I have been following this pirate crap on the news like a damn soap opera over the years but until yesterday I never gave it too much thought. Yesterday changed when these idiot Somalis decided that they would hijack an American Freighter with an American Flag... didn't these idiots see what happened on Sept. 11??? We Americans actually fight back... on a historical note.. this is the first time that Americans have been held on the high seas by a pirate since 1804... and damn it they were African too... what the hell?!?! It's gotta be Obama's fault some how... that's for another blog.

But then I started really thinking about it.. the media is calling them pirates.. are they really pirates???

You gotta love Google.. or as I call it "The All Knowing Oracle"

According to
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary Piracy is defined as such: (Common Law) Robbery on the high seas; the taking of property from others on the open sea by open violence; without lawful authority, and with intent to steal; -- a crime answering to robbery on land. Note: By statute law several other offenses committed on the seas (as trading with known pirates, or engaging in the slave trade) have been made piracy.

I guess I always thought of piracy as taking someone's boat and stealing the treasures aboard and this is not what these pirates are doing.. the really just hold the crew for a ransom... but hey tomato - tomatoe right?? Its easier to get people to watch your news station if you mention pirates... it just sounds better.

It seems that America has a fascination for pirates... or maybe its just my fascination... I would love to be a pirate.. but the pirates of today need some help with their image.. they look stupid and desperate... take a look here:
I personally would like to be seen as the Blackbeared fellow... he just looks like a fucking bad ass!

Here are the first things I would like to teach the modern day pirate:

1) Leave the Americans alone dude... we have a history of fighting back against tyranny and most recently terrorists... its just not worth it.. Americans will unleash hell for just one of their countrymen... go after the French... they are pussies and they just suck in general.

2) Take the damn ships and sell the cargo on the black market... you are limiting your potential income by only hold crewmen for ransom... yeah you are getting a few million a head but have you thought of what you can get for the fucking Ipods and PS3s on those ships??? Have you ever looked at Ebay?? PS- if you aren't gonna take the ship light it on fire or something.. or blow it up... explosions are fun

3) Walk the walk and talk the talk... yeah the guns are cool.. but also carry a sword.. it is a sign of power.. and also make sure you know English very very well... it will make everything go easier as English is the language spoken by the most countries but you have to do it with a pirate accent... like AAARRRGH matey... just watch Pirates of the Caribbean its gotta be on one of those ships you take. And grow a damn beard and get a parrot!

4) Target the countries with a small navy... that way you won't have to worry about them coming after you like the US is doing with our war ships.

5) Don't overtake a vessel on a rubber dingy... don't be stupid... you look like a fucking idiot... get a big fucking ship with guns and shoot a cable over and slide across... that is bad ass.

I hope this helps... damn it would be so cool to be a pirate.

Finally... someone with some freakin' balls!!!

Ok so once again I have seemed to piss people off with my Facebook status and an insulting discussion has begun so I am moving it here so I can make other mean comments in my Facebook status and piss people off. So here is how it went down... hopefully Jason won't puss out and continue the tirade here!

My Original FaceBook Status Message: Stephen wants to thank all you morons that voted for Obama... what did you really think was gonna happen... assholes!

Now I must clarify before I go any further... I wrote this right after I found out that two of my credit cards we closed by the issuing company for absolutely no reason... Payments were made... were well below limits. Earlier this year on of those cards limits was cut by a drastic amount due to the credit crisis... we coped.. but now they closed two accounts for the same reason which is having an adverse effect on my credit... so who is supposed to fix it??? Obama... but obviously it has gotten worse... I'm not gonna call it a credit crisis like Obama the fuck head I'm gonna call it a credit panic.

So back to the exchange:(Last names have been removed to protect the guilty)

Jason W. at 7:45pm April 7: I take offense to this!

Stephen at 8:14pm April 7 via Facebook Mobile: Good!! Think before you vote next time... Think about the consequences when you vote for someone who has no idea what they are doing.

Jason W. at 11:16pm April 7: What I take offense to is your lack of respect. I don't tolerate being called an asshole. You should think about the consequences of calling someone an asshole.

I feel sorry for you. I'm sorry you have to deal with all the pressure in that narrow mind.

I hope you enjoy your Fox news!

Julie G. at 7:23am April 8: You're welcome. :-) It took Bush 8 years to put our country into the mess it's in now. It'll take Obama longer than 3 months to fix it all.

So after that I mentioned I was moving it here.. it look a while because of work and all but here is my reply:

To Jason: My lack of respect?? How so?? Last I checked respect is earned not given and putting Obama in power deserves a beating instead of praise. As for the consequences for calling someone and asshole.. there really aren't any I can see... last time I checked this is not yet a socialist country and i still have free speech therefore I can call anyone I want an asshole... or would you prefer FUCKING ASSHOLE???

Perhaps my friend you are the one with a narrow mind by not opening you eyes to what is happening... we have a government FORCING private industry and financial institutions to take money and in turn the government is forcing their will on these companies (i.e. Obama himself firing the CEO of GM) I don't know about you but I would be very very afraid of what is next for you and your family... I have and it scares the fucking shit out of me.

To Julie: We can only blame Bush for so long on this economy crap... who we can blame more for it and for the two wars is Slick Willy Clinton... the felon and adulterer... for just sitting there and watching the terrorists get away and the economy slip... don't forget Bush also inherited a recession... we have had over 20 of them in our country's history and we will have many more to come.

That all said please comment and lets keep this discussion rolling.. this is fun!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What a freakin' little bitch!

Well the other day I got up from yet another unsatisfying night of sleep and pick up my Blackberry and see that overnight I had a Facebook notification from an old friend from childhood... he lived down the street from me and we played off and on during the summers and what not... what I remember best was his incredible ability at a young age to play the piano... we'll call him Andy... mainly because that's his name.

Anyway so Andy and I were never best friends but we were friends growing up he was a year younger and had an overbearing mother that was afraid he was gonna break something all the time... but as we grew older as with any other childhood friendship we grew apart as we began "finding ourselves." Eventually we lost touch after high school... the last I heard of him at all was from the rumors you hear at the local bar where all the losers from high school who never made anything of themselves and live with their parents until they either died or they got kicked out and just hung out in our home town making fun of those of us who left to live our lives... what ever...any way the last I heard of Andy was that he was going to Yale and got kicked out for something... was it true?... who the hell knows or cares.

So I became a Facebooker and after a while you end up finding everyone you ever knew and some you wish you never did know... and I found Andy.

So as you may or may not know this blog gets fed to Facebook and my friends have access to read this blog and make comments just as you do here on Blogger... very rarely do I get comments from outside my blogging buddies and usually they just agree with me... whether they are agreeing to avoid an argument or discussion or whether they actually agree I really don't care which. But I have lost some old friends on my Facebook list because of my comments and my inability to not speak my mind at any given moment... most just disappear and it takes me a while to notice they are gone..what's that tell you?? But Andy was different...oh how he is different... he was just a down right bitch about it... what a fucking queen.

Now if you refer back to my very first blog I stated, "go ahead post your comments I welcome them, but make sure you own up to them ( I despise cowards)... and please do not spew garbage about things you think you know a lot about or quote the fucking bible... make your comments and make them intelligently."

Keep that in mind as I tell you what went down here... So as I said I got up and saw there was a comment on my "note" from Andy sent at 5:36am... read the blog post here... all it said was "Thanks Dumbass...buh-bye."

In my sleepy stupor I was like.."what the fuck does that mean?"... I went and took a piss and made some coffee and after the kids were off to school I revisited it and decided to investigate.

The first thing I noticed was that his name wasn't highlighted as it normally is so I went looking and behold he is no longer on my friends list.... that alone pissed me off... this fucking prick made a drive-by comment and then bolted so I couldn't mount my rebuttal and actually have a discussion... I despise cowards!

So I then went to go look at the imported note in Facebook to verify the comment was there and to my amazement.... it was not there!! The mother-fucking-cowardice-prick-cum-guzzling-queen deleted the fucking comment so no one knows he said that... that completely set me off... I immediately called my brother Adam to tell him what this faggot did... he laughed..probably because he knew a blog posting was coming out of it.

So this is my rebuttal to Andy's comment...

Would you care to elaborate? Or are you too much of a coward to take a stand... you obviously voted for Obama and now you are ashamed that you did... by the way.... the latest polls are out and Obama's approval rating is LOWER than W's was at the same time in his first term.... where's the change?? Where's the hope??? I understand you work for the United Nations [read: United Pussies who owe a lot of money to the US] so I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from you.. the UN is nothing but a bunch of little babies who sit in a fancy building and do absolutely nothing and are a laughing stock to the entire world... they demonstrate the proverbial slap your hand and run away technique to the bullies of the world... so go fuck yourself in your piano playing ass at the UN with a useless "Ambassador." When you are ready to be a man and actually start an open discussion on my blog come find me... but you better be ready to own up to your cowardice because it will be the first thing I attack!

Friday, March 6, 2009

If You Voted For Obama The Dumbass... Read this!!!

So I've been down with the sickness for a while now and now finally feeling least enough to write a new blog to amuse or piss you off... I really don't care which.

So over the past few weeks I have been watching the economy get worse by the day.. the Dow is loosing 300 points a day on average it seems... I'm glad to see that $1 trillion stimulus package is working!!! *Cough Cough Bullshit Cough Cough*

As I am watching the news media report the doom and gloom and our ding dong president spell out the end of the world... Neil Cavuto on FOX News made what I think is the best observation I have ever seen or heard: "Since Obama's Inauguration Day the stock market has dropped a total of over 3,000 points... this equates to a vote of no confidence."

I couldn't have said it better myself! It is obvious that the financial world is laughing at this so-called stimulus package and its lack of stimulus and its concentration on spending... now before you stupid liberals get all crazy... I know that spending does stimulate the economy... I took high school economics you dip shit(s)! But let's get your common sense muscle working... what did you say?? Oh I'm sorry you're an American that believes everything you see on TV and you weren't born with that appendage... let me try to translate for you... just pretend this is CNN and I'm telling you might understand then.

So where was I?... Oh yeah spending as stimulus... as I was saying this stimulus package is nothing but bullshit wrapped in dog shit... it gives money to the banks and allows the government to take majority control of some banks... your gut reaction may say hey that's great but what you should be saying is... how the fuck did that just get passed???

What we need is responsible spending and quit rewarding the dead beats that do not better themselves and penalizing the ones that plan and budget and do better themselves. On average the so-called "rich" are going to be taxed over 50% of their income... is that fair??? The "rich" worked their asses off the be "rich" and honestly are probably miserable because all they do is work.. do you know any rich people that made it rich by staying at home eating bon bons??? I sure as hell haven't (oh wait you saw those infomercials didn't you, yeah that's not real, its TV!)... so now they have to give away 50% of their pay to that the idiot that bought a house with a house payment of $2000 a month knowing that they couldn't afford it and can now be handed a check and a hug that says... its OK it was someone else's fault. When will you take responsibility for yourself?!?!?! Its no one's fault but your own you stupid dead beat piece of shit!

What is now happening is big government coming into your world and telling you what you can and cannot do... hmm some socialism anyone??

Right now I am a bit ashamed to hold my head up high and say I'm a proud American.. but I still do it! Our founding father's visions of our country are slowing fading with every point lost in the stock market.. this is not what they wanted! Why are you letting our leaders do this??? I can't fight this fight alone people... break out of your little mindless cocoons and fight the true American fight... we are supposed to have a government for the people by the people... not a government that is for its self and controlling the people.

This brings me to a new point... you do realize that the economy isn't really that bad right?! Yes the economy has tanked from a crazy high point that we really shouldn't have been at in the first place... its called over confidence... we all got bit by the bug and enjoyed it while it was happening but the honey moon is over and it sucks I know... and now we have shit to deal with.

I am sad that this doom and gloom talk effected so many people and especially businesses... everyone is scared... I own my own business and it is about to go under because my potential clients are afraid to spend any money on anything.. I haven't stopped spending.. I can't!!! If I do my business closes... come on people!!!

To put it in perspective check this video out from the Glen Beck Show on Fox News... I stumbled across this on his show live and it really put things in perspective.

See we are in fine shape... now if we can just get Obama to say this shit... oh yeah that would completely negate why he got elected... besides that people think he is black... if he actually said "hey people... we are OK... just not as fantastic as we were.. just OK"... it would be a whole different story and if he had just told the truth from the beginning it would be a whole different ballgame!

So now that you are slowing realizing that you voted for the wrong guy because you wanted change and are not getting change but more of the same with an added bonus... Socialism... I bet you are feeling pretty damn sheepish aren't you!?

Well deal with it and I take great pride in saying.....

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now go Piss Off!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A List Of People I Would Like To See Tragically Killed Or At The Very Least Maimed

This is a list of people I would not care if they died and probably rejoice a little if they had. I know this sounds extreme and heartless, its meant to be.

I must proclaim that I have no intention of killing anyone or harming them but a tear will not be shed by me if something happened to them.... if something does happen to any of these people.. I did not do it!! So here you go... in no particular order. We'll start with 10.

Side Note: I reserve the right to revise this list at anytime as deemed fit by me!

1. Barack Obama - It is widely know that I am not a fan of this dude. I think his message of socialism is actually bad for this country and in the end his policies will prove to harm this country more than it would help. Besides we are overdue for a presidential assassination. He's looking for a solution to the economic crisis... here's the solution that has worked many times in America's history... WAR! Find someone to blow up and our economy will get much much better... just make sure you win decisively and fast. Plus his message of change is bullshit... he's a fake!

2. Milorad Blagojević (Rod Blago) - This guy is a complete disgrace to the state of Illinois and to the USA. He has single handedly made a mockery of our country by parading his impeachment all over the media looking for public support when public support would not help him. He lives in his own world where things are back-ass-wards which does not say much for our country's leaders as a whole.. I mean how can a certified lunatic get elected to public office... oh wait never mind we had Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as presidents.. but still...he needs killin'

3. Hillary Clinton - She made the list simply because of her voice... that voice is enough to make me want to poke my own eyeballs out, stab myself with a spork and drown in a bath tub full of female menstruation. She really hasn't done anything except pose as a woman because clearly she is really a man. Now she's secretary of state... great... other countries are gonna want to bomb us now because she has the worlds most annoying voice.. you know the one... like your mother.. all mothers do this!

4. Paul David Hewson (Bono from U2) - He made this list mainly because his music fucking sucks. I hate U2 and they should all be sent to GITMO and listen to his own music 24/7 forever! As far as his music goes.. he is an Irishman that starts a song by counting in Spanish but fucks it up by counting 1...2....3...14! What the fuck do they teach those kids in Ireland?!?! No wonder they are drunk all the time... they can't count right! Then you add on his causes.. which cause is it this week Bono?! Starving kids or the environment?!?! I bet this douche bag as one of those bingo tumblers full of different causes and picks a new one every week. He is supposedly a musician and musicians should just make music that people like and make money..that is it.. Bono can't even do that... he should die.

5. Osama Bin Laden - Need I say more?! He's probably already dead so no big deal.

6. Nacy Pelosi - This bitch is 3rd in line for head of our great country once known as the USA (We are now the USSA since we are now all socialists) since she is the speaker of the house. She is on this list for many reasons... the first for just being damn annoying not to mention she is from California which means she's really stupid. I honestly think the world would end if Barack and Biden both died and she became president.. so basically she is on the list because she's a skirt... a broad plus she has had more face lifts than Joan Rivers.. I mean she is like 80 years old but looks like a fashion mannequin at JC Pennys!

7. Dennis Kucinich - He is my congressma...uh...thing here in the 10th district in CLE. This guy's is a fucking moron... he was once mayor of CLE when he was like 12 yrs old and thanks to him we became the first major US city to go into default. Some now years later he injected the drinking water with some type of mind erasure chemical and got elected to congress by the same people he fucked in the 70's. Now to top it all off he runs for president every 4 years... a popular talk show host here in CLE calls him Captain Homogenized because he only gets 1% of the vote. All he does is waste the taxpayers money by running and in the last election he didn't give back his left over money he got to run from the government and they had to go after him for it... I mean who does that..really?! Plus he hangs out with Shirley McClain who is a crazy old bat anyway and they talk to aliens together... what a nut job!

Geraldo Rivera - Not much to say here... this guy is one of the sleaziest, annoying people on the face of the planet. He supposedly went to law school but I some how thing this is a fabrication. Who wastes a law degree on becoming a sleazy journalist. This is the same guy that got kicked out of the embed program during the Iraq War for disclosing his platoon's position during battle on live television and most recently chased down Blago (#2 on this list) on the street after his interview was canceled.. most dignified reporters just keep their mouth shut.. not Geraldo... he runs down a moving car and whines like a fucking child. He is a disgrace to journalists every where and shame on FOX NEWS for employing him.. he must be sucking the bosses dick or something.

9. Al Gore - He's a liar and a thief! He convinced himself and many of you sheep out there that he invented the internet.. yeah.. not true. He also made a stupid movie about the global warming myth which really was a bogus autobiography wrapped in hippie propaganda... if you think that global warming is real than please explain to me why Obama's inauguration was the coldest day in many years and why I had 2 feet of snow in my yard? I saw a show about the creation of Earth (yeah there was no great god on this show) they said that greenhouse gases and global warming helped create the earth and now it regulates the Earth's temperature... so basically global warming if it does exist is the Earth's way of keeping everything at status quo... so go fuck yourself! Plus he looks damn stupid with a beard.

10. Bill Clinton - This douche bag needs no explanation but I will explain for you stupid people. As our 42nd president who has access to every covert agency and/or groups in the world, decided in his infinite wisdom to cheat on his wife. He is not on the list for that because lets face it... look at Hillary... would you fuck that?! No he is on the list for cheating on his wife with an intern in the oval office and getting caught... how can you possibly get caught?!?! JFK never got caught!!!! Then it gets better.. he then lied to congress about it and perjured himself, not to mention he lied to the American people about it... then... he got impeached and never was prosecuted for perjury... who the fuck was the genius that was dropped that ball?? I if had done that I'd be in prison for the rest of my natural life!!
Before any of you tree hugging faggot hippies say he did great things for our country fuck off.. he did nothing but fuck up. During his 2 terms in office he allowed us to slip into a recession that George W. Bush got us out of... he also had more military troop deployments and actions than any president since FDR... and the best part is... he had the opportunity to kill Osama Bin Laden (#5 on the list) and he passed on the opportunity which then lead to 9/11/2001... thanks Slick Willy...I hope you have a nice long and painful death!

So there you go.. I will probably add more as I get more pissed off while watching the news and watching Obama destroy this country.. if you disagree go fuck yourself!