Friday, May 29, 2009

A CAVS win means nothing

Well its been a while since I last spewed bullshit on this blog and I thought this topic was as good as any to spew once again.

As you know I live in Cleveland, Ohio... yeah we heard it all... the mistake by the lake...blah blah blah... fuck you.

In Cleveland we have a bigger issue besides the economy or the idiot people that run the city... its our sports teams.. we can't win a fucking championship to save our lives... we can get inches from it but still every Cleveland team that has gotten close to a championship since 1964 has choked... and once again we are seeing it again.

I will be honest I hate basketball.. it is useless and stupid and it has become ghetto and no one cares but the crack dealers... all of the players set bad examples for our kids and I think its bullshit.

Anyway back to the point... so the CAVS have made it to the playoffs with the punk ass idiot names LeBron James who seems to think he is the next messiah... he's an idiot.. oh yeah and if you believe the bullshit about him coming from nothing..ha ha ha don't believe it... he's not ghetto he's not gansta... he's just another black guy that can play basketball but yeah he came from some money... so lets dispel that bullshit rumor right now.

So the CAVS ran right through the first 2 rounds of the play offs... and around town... I look around and there are very few people aside from the Gansta Blacks that actually give a shit... if the Browns or the Indians were doing this you would see signs every where...people would be happy... but with the Cavs... no one really cares.

Now the Cavs made it to the final round of the playoffs before going to the big dance and guess what... yup they are choking... on the verge of elimination... I just sit and laugh...that's all we can do in Cleveland... don't get me wrong.. I would like the Cavs to win everything despite my hatred for that moronic ghetto sport... its great for Cleveland and the town deserves some type of major championship but honestly who the fuck cares... this town is a Football town first and baseball town 2nd... basketball only matters in Hough or on Kinsman... so put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Then again maybe the lack of caring is because we are all conditioned in Cleveland to expect failure... all of our teams have failed us time and time again.. our local elected officials have failed us time and time again and our elected federal officials have failed us time and time again... I am convinced.... 90% of Clevelanders are fucking stupid... and yes I mean you!

We are all losers!