Friday, March 6, 2009

If You Voted For Obama The Dumbass... Read this!!!

So I've been down with the sickness for a while now and now finally feeling least enough to write a new blog to amuse or piss you off... I really don't care which.

So over the past few weeks I have been watching the economy get worse by the day.. the Dow is loosing 300 points a day on average it seems... I'm glad to see that $1 trillion stimulus package is working!!! *Cough Cough Bullshit Cough Cough*

As I am watching the news media report the doom and gloom and our ding dong president spell out the end of the world... Neil Cavuto on FOX News made what I think is the best observation I have ever seen or heard: "Since Obama's Inauguration Day the stock market has dropped a total of over 3,000 points... this equates to a vote of no confidence."

I couldn't have said it better myself! It is obvious that the financial world is laughing at this so-called stimulus package and its lack of stimulus and its concentration on spending... now before you stupid liberals get all crazy... I know that spending does stimulate the economy... I took high school economics you dip shit(s)! But let's get your common sense muscle working... what did you say?? Oh I'm sorry you're an American that believes everything you see on TV and you weren't born with that appendage... let me try to translate for you... just pretend this is CNN and I'm telling you might understand then.

So where was I?... Oh yeah spending as stimulus... as I was saying this stimulus package is nothing but bullshit wrapped in dog shit... it gives money to the banks and allows the government to take majority control of some banks... your gut reaction may say hey that's great but what you should be saying is... how the fuck did that just get passed???

What we need is responsible spending and quit rewarding the dead beats that do not better themselves and penalizing the ones that plan and budget and do better themselves. On average the so-called "rich" are going to be taxed over 50% of their income... is that fair??? The "rich" worked their asses off the be "rich" and honestly are probably miserable because all they do is work.. do you know any rich people that made it rich by staying at home eating bon bons??? I sure as hell haven't (oh wait you saw those infomercials didn't you, yeah that's not real, its TV!)... so now they have to give away 50% of their pay to that the idiot that bought a house with a house payment of $2000 a month knowing that they couldn't afford it and can now be handed a check and a hug that says... its OK it was someone else's fault. When will you take responsibility for yourself?!?!?! Its no one's fault but your own you stupid dead beat piece of shit!

What is now happening is big government coming into your world and telling you what you can and cannot do... hmm some socialism anyone??

Right now I am a bit ashamed to hold my head up high and say I'm a proud American.. but I still do it! Our founding father's visions of our country are slowing fading with every point lost in the stock market.. this is not what they wanted! Why are you letting our leaders do this??? I can't fight this fight alone people... break out of your little mindless cocoons and fight the true American fight... we are supposed to have a government for the people by the people... not a government that is for its self and controlling the people.

This brings me to a new point... you do realize that the economy isn't really that bad right?! Yes the economy has tanked from a crazy high point that we really shouldn't have been at in the first place... its called over confidence... we all got bit by the bug and enjoyed it while it was happening but the honey moon is over and it sucks I know... and now we have shit to deal with.

I am sad that this doom and gloom talk effected so many people and especially businesses... everyone is scared... I own my own business and it is about to go under because my potential clients are afraid to spend any money on anything.. I haven't stopped spending.. I can't!!! If I do my business closes... come on people!!!

To put it in perspective check this video out from the Glen Beck Show on Fox News... I stumbled across this on his show live and it really put things in perspective.

See we are in fine shape... now if we can just get Obama to say this shit... oh yeah that would completely negate why he got elected... besides that people think he is black... if he actually said "hey people... we are OK... just not as fantastic as we were.. just OK"... it would be a whole different story and if he had just told the truth from the beginning it would be a whole different ballgame!

So now that you are slowing realizing that you voted for the wrong guy because you wanted change and are not getting change but more of the same with an added bonus... Socialism... I bet you are feeling pretty damn sheepish aren't you!?

Well deal with it and I take great pride in saying.....

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now go Piss Off!!!!


  1. I never was sure how having the government go over it's annual budget in the space of a couple months was supposed to make the economy better to begin with.