Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A List Of People I Would Like To See Tragically Killed Or At The Very Least Maimed

This is a list of people I would not care if they died and probably rejoice a little if they had. I know this sounds extreme and heartless, its meant to be.

I must proclaim that I have no intention of killing anyone or harming them but a tear will not be shed by me if something happened to them.... if something does happen to any of these people.. I did not do it!! So here you go... in no particular order. We'll start with 10.

Side Note: I reserve the right to revise this list at anytime as deemed fit by me!

1. Barack Obama - It is widely know that I am not a fan of this dude. I think his message of socialism is actually bad for this country and in the end his policies will prove to harm this country more than it would help. Besides we are overdue for a presidential assassination. He's looking for a solution to the economic crisis... here's the solution that has worked many times in America's history... WAR! Find someone to blow up and our economy will get much much better... just make sure you win decisively and fast. Plus his message of change is bullshit... he's a fake!

2. Milorad Blagojević (Rod Blago) - This guy is a complete disgrace to the state of Illinois and to the USA. He has single handedly made a mockery of our country by parading his impeachment all over the media looking for public support when public support would not help him. He lives in his own world where things are back-ass-wards which does not say much for our country's leaders as a whole.. I mean how can a certified lunatic get elected to public office... oh wait never mind we had Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as presidents.. but still...he needs killin'

3. Hillary Clinton - She made the list simply because of her voice... that voice is enough to make me want to poke my own eyeballs out, stab myself with a spork and drown in a bath tub full of female menstruation. She really hasn't done anything except pose as a woman because clearly she is really a man. Now she's secretary of state... great... other countries are gonna want to bomb us now because she has the worlds most annoying voice.. you know the one... like your mother.. all mothers do this!

4. Paul David Hewson (Bono from U2) - He made this list mainly because his music fucking sucks. I hate U2 and they should all be sent to GITMO and listen to his own music 24/7 forever! As far as his music goes.. he is an Irishman that starts a song by counting in Spanish but fucks it up by counting 1...2....3...14! What the fuck do they teach those kids in Ireland?!?! No wonder they are drunk all the time... they can't count right! Then you add on his causes.. which cause is it this week Bono?! Starving kids or the environment?!?! I bet this douche bag as one of those bingo tumblers full of different causes and picks a new one every week. He is supposedly a musician and musicians should just make music that people like and make money..that is it.. Bono can't even do that... he should die.

5. Osama Bin Laden - Need I say more?! He's probably already dead so no big deal.

6. Nacy Pelosi - This bitch is 3rd in line for head of our great country once known as the USA (We are now the USSA since we are now all socialists) since she is the speaker of the house. She is on this list for many reasons... the first for just being damn annoying not to mention she is from California which means she's really stupid. I honestly think the world would end if Barack and Biden both died and she became president.. so basically she is on the list because she's a skirt... a broad plus she has had more face lifts than Joan Rivers.. I mean she is like 80 years old but looks like a fashion mannequin at JC Pennys!

7. Dennis Kucinich - He is my congressma...uh...thing here in the 10th district in CLE. This guy's is a fucking moron... he was once mayor of CLE when he was like 12 yrs old and thanks to him we became the first major US city to go into default. Some now years later he injected the drinking water with some type of mind erasure chemical and got elected to congress by the same people he fucked in the 70's. Now to top it all off he runs for president every 4 years... a popular talk show host here in CLE calls him Captain Homogenized because he only gets 1% of the vote. All he does is waste the taxpayers money by running and in the last election he didn't give back his left over money he got to run from the government and they had to go after him for it... I mean who does that..really?! Plus he hangs out with Shirley McClain who is a crazy old bat anyway and they talk to aliens together... what a nut job!

Geraldo Rivera - Not much to say here... this guy is one of the sleaziest, annoying people on the face of the planet. He supposedly went to law school but I some how thing this is a fabrication. Who wastes a law degree on becoming a sleazy journalist. This is the same guy that got kicked out of the embed program during the Iraq War for disclosing his platoon's position during battle on live television and most recently chased down Blago (#2 on this list) on the street after his interview was canceled.. most dignified reporters just keep their mouth shut.. not Geraldo... he runs down a moving car and whines like a fucking child. He is a disgrace to journalists every where and shame on FOX NEWS for employing him.. he must be sucking the bosses dick or something.

9. Al Gore - He's a liar and a thief! He convinced himself and many of you sheep out there that he invented the internet.. yeah.. not true. He also made a stupid movie about the global warming myth which really was a bogus autobiography wrapped in hippie propaganda... if you think that global warming is real than please explain to me why Obama's inauguration was the coldest day in many years and why I had 2 feet of snow in my yard? I saw a show about the creation of Earth (yeah there was no great god on this show) they said that greenhouse gases and global warming helped create the earth and now it regulates the Earth's temperature... so basically global warming if it does exist is the Earth's way of keeping everything at status quo... so go fuck yourself! Plus he looks damn stupid with a beard.

10. Bill Clinton - This douche bag needs no explanation but I will explain for you stupid people. As our 42nd president who has access to every covert agency and/or groups in the world, decided in his infinite wisdom to cheat on his wife. He is not on the list for that because lets face it... look at Hillary... would you fuck that?! No he is on the list for cheating on his wife with an intern in the oval office and getting caught... how can you possibly get caught?!?! JFK never got caught!!!! Then it gets better.. he then lied to congress about it and perjured himself, not to mention he lied to the American people about it... then... he got impeached and never was prosecuted for perjury... who the fuck was the genius that was dropped that ball?? I if had done that I'd be in prison for the rest of my natural life!!
Before any of you tree hugging faggot hippies say he did great things for our country fuck off.. he did nothing but fuck up. During his 2 terms in office he allowed us to slip into a recession that George W. Bush got us out of... he also had more military troop deployments and actions than any president since FDR... and the best part is... he had the opportunity to kill Osama Bin Laden (#5 on the list) and he passed on the opportunity which then lead to 9/11/2001... thanks Slick Willy...I hope you have a nice long and painful death!

So there you go.. I will probably add more as I get more pissed off while watching the news and watching Obama destroy this country.. if you disagree go fuck yourself!


  1. like i have said before. this blog alone will land you on an FBI watch list.

    have fun.

  2. I would recommend not letting any sort of law enforcement motherfuckers see this.

  3. I actually welcome any type of watch list or visit from authorities... it means I'm doing what I set out to do and plus it makes me feel damn important!