Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok New Rule...

.... Would you like to procreate??? Get in line for a breeding license!

Every once in a while it seems the media goes through a cycle that they want to report every single child abuse case in the country at the same time. Maybe it has something to do with the alignment of the stars or Obama makes it happen or something... what ever the case it got me thinking (run & hide now!).

Anyone wishing to have children in the USA should be required to go through a genetic screening, psychological testing and then must apply for a breeding license. This license will only be good for a specified couple to breed... not for individuals to take around to a random mate. Those who attempt to have children without submitting this process will be immediately barred from ever breeding, made sterile and the child in question must be destroyed (read: aborted)

Oh my God I sinned!!! I said abortion!!! Fuck off you stupid right to life people and fuck off you stupid right to choose people... you don't have the right to do anything but what you are told!

I have long said that Hitler was on to something with his master plan.. he just did it the wrong way. Look at it from this point of view: He was just trying to make the world a better place by getting rid of the riff-raff and undesirables... he was just too stoned and stupid to realize when to stop.

What is my basis for this extreme argument?? Turn on the news and you will see.

Here is a short list of the current cases:

"Octuplet Mom" - This 33-year-old Southern California woman who gave birth to octuplets this week has six other children and never expected to have eight more when she took fertility treatment.

2. 'Baby Grace' case - A woman in Texas accused of killing her toddler daughter and dumping the body in Galveston Bay has been found guilty of murder by a jury in Galveston, Texas.

3. Amber Hill case - who drowned her two young daughters in the bathtub of her Cleveland apartment, will be institutionalized indefinitely in a high-security psychiatric clinic.

I mean come on damn it... not one of these women would have passed any of my proposed exams and there would now be no one mourning these children that have been murdered and we would not not be burdened with the cost of raising these children or the cost of the incarceration of these offenders!

Lets briefly look at each of these cases.

"Octuplet Mom": Ok here is a chick that according to her mom has been obsessed with having kids... I ask why? Wanting to have kids is fine... but wanting to have as many as possible?? Her mother must have just fucked her up royally.. I mean how else does one get these ideas and obsessions? So now this chick with no job and no spouse now has 14 children... gonna repeat it for those of you taking notes or retarded... 14 (FOURTEEN) CHILDREN!!!!

Where is the sense of responsibility? I mean you have no job and live on government hand outs...then you go and get knocked up by going to a fertility doctor... BAM!!!! Six kids... you are having trouble making ends meet with those 6 bastard children so what can help you? Yep you guessed it!!! Another trip to the doctor.. BAM!!! 8 more kids!!!

Now we learn that she wants to be famous for this and become known as a child raising expert.. she is currently in hiding..hired a PR firm and is asking $2 million for an interview... as you can see... no interview has taken place... yet... so then the interview comes and the media just justified it. Stupid Fucking Media!

This should be a crime! Take these kids from her and sterilize her.. I mean hell we are already paying for these kids... lets make sure they don't get all fucked up in the head from their mother... oh shit..what if it is genetic?! Kill them all!

'Baby Grace' Mom: So here we have a case where an non attentive mother of a small child plays video games online and meets some random dude from Texas and takes off with this precious little girl and marries this dude. All the time this little girl's father is trying to see her and get custody from an obviously unbalanced mother. All of a sudden... the little girl is missing and a few weeks later some fishermen find a cooler floating in Galveston Bay with her remains in it.

As the case continues it comes out that this is what happens when you are trying to teach your children manners... ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

I have children... twins... and I have successfully taught them manners despite their friends' lack of manners and guess what... they don't have cracked skulls.. nor are they in coolers!! Granted there have been times that I've wanted to shake the hell out of them but that damn sign in the delivery room pops up in my head...you know the one... "NEVER EVER EVER SHAKE A BABY".. so I am able to stop the urge.

There is no reason this woman should of had a custody of this child let alone give birth. So there she sits... life in prison in Texas... yup we get to pay for her to live while her young daughter had her life snuffed out at age 2 because she couldn't control herself or her video game husband! AND DON'T BLAME THE VIDEO GAMES!!!!

Amber Hill Case - Now this one really gets me. This fat bitch had 2 children ages 4 and 2. She drowned them in the bathtub and claimed that she was insane because she had postpartum depression. ALL TOGETHER NOW... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?! 2 years later?!?! I mean I'm no Tom Cruise and I can appreciate the condition but I'm afraid I feel this was not a case of it... here.. watch this story and hear what she says after her verdict!

She's blessed to be not found not guilty?!? Yeah wanna know what that is?!?!?! A slap in the judge's face... it was a thumb on the nose to everyone... it was a "HA HA HA.. I just got away with murder so fuck all ya'll!!!!!" How can she get away with this?!! Oh yeah and guess what!?!?! Yup... once again we have to pay to keep this fat nigger bitch alive!!!

There is a huge problem in this country when these morons do things like this... under my proposed plan this would not happen and if it did.. no trial.. no media.. they just disappear... problem solved. Plus, there's an added bonus... we would eventually be able to breed out all of the ugly people so all of Americans would eventually be really good looking and we would also weed out the stupid people...people like my former neighbors who had their first child taken from them so they had 2 more... now the youngest... age 4 has a bunch of developmental issues and the older has emotional issues.. plus they don't bathe and they are fucking gross and compulsive liars and really really stupid. They should die!!

I think I will send this to His Majesty, President Obama to insert into his stimulus package and help him further his socialist agenda.. hey if you can't beat them.. join them right?!?!

NEXT POST TRAILER: In a time where Americans are so stupid that they believe everything they see on TV... there is a sinister plan... a plan to get you to buy useless shit.... vote for the worst possible candidates... give all of your money to some pretend people on the other side of the world... and buy pet medication. That's right... the invasion of the Celebrity Endorsers!!!


  1. this is truly a scary vision of the future of America. I say scary because you and i would cease to exist.

    i laughed my ass off and what is hilarious, its so true!

  2. Apparently, post-partum depression makes everything legal.