Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally... someone with some freakin' balls!!!

Ok so once again I have seemed to piss people off with my Facebook status and an insulting discussion has begun so I am moving it here so I can make other mean comments in my Facebook status and piss people off. So here is how it went down... hopefully Jason won't puss out and continue the tirade here!

My Original FaceBook Status Message: Stephen wants to thank all you morons that voted for Obama... what did you really think was gonna happen... assholes!

Now I must clarify before I go any further... I wrote this right after I found out that two of my credit cards we closed by the issuing company for absolutely no reason... Payments were made... were well below limits. Earlier this year on of those cards limits was cut by a drastic amount due to the credit crisis... we coped.. but now they closed two accounts for the same reason which is having an adverse effect on my credit... so who is supposed to fix it??? Obama... but obviously it has gotten worse... I'm not gonna call it a credit crisis like Obama the fuck head I'm gonna call it a credit panic.

So back to the exchange:(Last names have been removed to protect the guilty)

Jason W. at 7:45pm April 7: I take offense to this!

Stephen at 8:14pm April 7 via Facebook Mobile: Good!! Think before you vote next time... Think about the consequences when you vote for someone who has no idea what they are doing.

Jason W. at 11:16pm April 7: What I take offense to is your lack of respect. I don't tolerate being called an asshole. You should think about the consequences of calling someone an asshole.

I feel sorry for you. I'm sorry you have to deal with all the pressure in that narrow mind.

I hope you enjoy your Fox news!

Julie G. at 7:23am April 8: You're welcome. :-) It took Bush 8 years to put our country into the mess it's in now. It'll take Obama longer than 3 months to fix it all.

So after that I mentioned I was moving it here.. it look a while because of work and all but here is my reply:

To Jason: My lack of respect?? How so?? Last I checked respect is earned not given and putting Obama in power deserves a beating instead of praise. As for the consequences for calling someone and asshole.. there really aren't any I can see... last time I checked this is not yet a socialist country and i still have free speech therefore I can call anyone I want an asshole... or would you prefer FUCKING ASSHOLE???

Perhaps my friend you are the one with a narrow mind by not opening you eyes to what is happening... we have a government FORCING private industry and financial institutions to take money and in turn the government is forcing their will on these companies (i.e. Obama himself firing the CEO of GM) I don't know about you but I would be very very afraid of what is next for you and your family... I have and it scares the fucking shit out of me.

To Julie: We can only blame Bush for so long on this economy crap... who we can blame more for it and for the two wars is Slick Willy Clinton... the felon and adulterer... for just sitting there and watching the terrorists get away and the economy slip... don't forget Bush also inherited a recession... we have had over 20 of them in our country's history and we will have many more to come.

That all said please comment and lets keep this discussion rolling.. this is fun!!!


  1. I really hope some one has the balls [Jason] or vagina [Julie] enough to respond. This is like a movie, or a car wreck, or a movie of a car wreck. Whatever it is, I can't stop looking at it. Please someone, I need to be entertained!

  2. Wow Adam you're like a five year old can't you find a peice of lint to entertain yourself with?? And as for the Obama phenomena I get it, the only thing people were looking at was "check it out our first africian american president" there was no consideration for his credentials or lack there of. He's got to have some kind of experience (last I checked he was a senator right?) so he must know something I would hope that he didn't run out of pure idiocy, and a right to say hey look everyone I did it I became the first black leader of the US. Whatever, this country has been having problems for decades now and if people this Obama is the "second coming" that's their opinion, and it just happens to be your opinion that they are all ignorant assholes. So maybe I added the ignorant whatever the point is that is your opinion and if they don't like it they don't have to read it, even though I know you like the confrontation.

    Rambling over.

  3. I think you might be confusing your frustration with a thing called "losing." When the beliefs/politics/people/political party you hold so strongly to is defeated it's supposed to taste like a shit sandwich. So get used to it. A lot of us had to eat it for the past 8 years.

    As to your credit cards - you might have selective memory. The cause of the credit crunch came from firms being permitted to create huge volumes of complex securities, subprime bonds and collateral debt in the past 6 years without ANY regulation from the Bush administration. Similarly the Bush administration encouraged people to make decisions that were irrationally optimistic knowing full well that the value of the market was inflated and would have to fall AND NEVER SAID ANYTING.

    Most economic analysts are saying it would take ANY administration until 2012 to turn this around a mess that took 8 years to create. It's ignorant to say Obama or his administration had anything to do with you closed credit lines. So settle down and be patient. He's been in office all of 3 months.


  4. Well there Julie... you should have been a politician... did you actually say anything? LOL

    As far as Obama's experience... oh how we forget... yes he was a senator.. but he was a junior senator who spent most of his first (and only) term campaigning for president and never finished that term... so... no he doesn't have the experience.. he is an icon to the black community and he has turned his back on them... don't believe me??? Come on over to my house I'll walk you down my street here in Cleveland where the blacks that were waking us up singing "We Will Barack You" to the tune of Queen's hit "We Will Rock You" have changed their tune to "What The Fuck Nigga - Yo?!?!?"

    Yes they feel betrayed by their candidate's flip on the issues and all the promises that he made to make it fact for them it has gotten worse... much worse. They now realize he is really just another cracker with dark skin.

    Oh and you give Adam too much credit... 5 years old??? I would give him 3 at most... HA HA HA.

    Now Allysun:

    Lets touch on this: "I think you might be confusing your frustration with a thing called "losing." When the beliefs/politics/people/political party you hold so strongly to is defeated it's supposed to taste like a shit sandwich. So get used to it."

    You obviously didn't read any other part of my blog you ding dong... Let me break it down for you real slow -

    I did not lose.. the country lost... granted the final candidates all pretty much sucked but there were a few good ones at the beginning that would have been better... but if you believed the hope speeches and the other bull shit Obama spewed I feel sorry for you and I wish I could be so blinded by hope as yourself.

    Wanna know my beliefs?? My self.. I believe in myself.. I have found you can't count on anyone else... not family... not friends... and certainly not a presidential candidate.. in the end everyone is out for themselves.

    My politics?? Simple... vote for the best guy for the job and the most trust worthy. Which is why I shun Obama... not enough experience and certainly not trust worthy... he has denied his own heritage and pretends to be something he is not... its like my brother calling himself Irish... its not true and quit pretending to fit in.... be your own person and deal with what you are.

    My people?? I have a handful of people I trust and that is it... everyone else just disappoints.

    My political party??? Yeah... I'm Independent and as I stated before I vote for the best candidate presented regardless of political party so I don't have a party so take your theory and stick it up your ass... it doesn't fly covered in shit.

    What he really is is becoming evident on how he is conducting himself with this financial panic (IT IS NOT A CRISIS) which he encouraged by his bullshit doom and gloom rhetoric he has been spewing... what happened to hope??? Now we have let his administration slowly go in and begin controlling the private sector... when will you have enough?? Or are you too blind and ignorant to see what is happening??

    As for the credit.. I don't have selective memory.. I know things weren't perfect during Bush's terms... but to think and blame Bush for ALL of the financial problems is irresponsible and foolish... the problem started over a decade ago and also don't forget that the financial market began to come crashing down on 9/11/01 when those buildings fell and yes maybe foolish to put false hope into the economy but at the time that is what this country needed... everyone was ready to head to their bunkers and take all their money out of the system... so lets not forget ALL of the circumstances and if you deny that 9/11 had something to do with today's issues you are a complete fucking moron... the world will continue to feel the effects of that day for 100 years!

    In the past almost 4 months.. things have gotten worse and not better and Obama's policies have done that and it will take a long time to get out of it but we will... we always do... and when we do to credit a particular administration with the destruction and the success is ridiculous and foolish as these things don't happen overnight and takes many many years to cause the damage and repair the damage.

    I don't blame Obama for the economy... I blame him for scaring people which has made it worse... god where is a rouge fucking sniper when you need one???

    Damn you Turkey.. you had him in your backyard and you fucked it up... maybe we should send in the Pirates!?!?! No wait they don't plan enough either...damn it.

  5. Ha!! you're right I should have totally be a politician cause lets face it I didn't say a damn thing (that's my "gimmick") it's what I do, Oh and poor Adam down grading him to a three year old. now all he has to play with is boogers. Weather they are his own or another kids now that's a totally different story.
    Seriously Steve, love the blog it's freaking great, and too all of the asshats that you offend they need to get over it (or maybe I just wanted to say asshat cause that word makes me laugh)

  6. JW here:
    I need to steal a quote from a good friend of mine which really says a lot. "It's a free country and you're completely free to be a retard!".

    The state of American politics is in pretty bad shape. I too am an independent, however the last 8 years and having to listen to the blabbing of some ultraconservative idiots I work with, I was swayed heavily to the democratic side. Unfortunately this last election was really no different than the South Park "Douche vrs. the Turd Sandwich" race. I simply voted for Obama because the democratic idiotology was closer to my beliefs than the Republican side of things. As far as experience goes, does anybody really have "experience" for the President of the United States? I think we give that position more credit than what it deserves. It's still "We the people" right? One thing that pissed me off more than anything this year was the whole senator voting record crap. If the senators were doing their job they way they are supposed to do it, then they should simply be voting as the voice of their respective districts. It's just unfortunate that most Americans forget that they need to voice their opinions/complaints not to each other in bitch festivals but to their local representatives through solid letter writing or petitions if it needs to go that far. If your representative doesn't do their job, then file a petition for a recall and if you feel you could do a better job, then run yourself. Isn't that what Zilka and Cracass taught us?

    Also, I was thinking about your comment about Obama firing the CEO of GM. Think about it... how could that really be a bad decision? GM went to Washington begging for help, essentially inviting them in. That in itself is grounds for firing! I certainly think the government should stay out of the private sector. Those companies should go out of business for their poor performance and bad decisions. However, the auto industry crisis is really beyond my understanding. If it goes under there will be a lot of economic devastation. The movie Roger and Me will be about many other towns other than Flint Michigan. So, if you have a solution I'd love to hear it.

    That's all I got to say about that.